Happy New Year, y'owl! One of my resolutions is to be more productive, creatively speaking (often difficult with school and work), which includes updating my blog more often. My beloved radical_jojo has been very inspiring in this endeavor by redesigning everything to fit niftily with the business cards she designed for my freelance video work, all as part of my Christmas present. She's the best.

Anyway, I'll be keeping up a more consistent internet presence in the coming year, with several exciting projects to share on the horizon. Stay tuned, yo.
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Officially the Most Baffling (and Offensive?) Remake Ever

Death at a Funeral is a very clever comedy produced in Britain in 2007, directed by Frank Oz. It was mostly unseen in America, though it did have a brief theatrical run and a decent little showing on DVD. Observe a trailer.

Just now, I saw this:

Now, it's not too uncommon for a foreign film to be "Americanized" in a remake a mere year or two after it finds success in its home country. Y'know, because most Americans have a low tolerance for exposure to different cultures and a compulsive need to make things our own, so it makes sense that we would translate things into our own native tongue.

But this? This is a remake of a film produced two years ago in Britain, a country that sort of invented the language we use, by an American director with several American actors (including Peter Dinklage, who reappears here, playing the same role in exactly the same way). So, why in God's name should this exist? What's the only major difference between these two versions? Oh, of course, this all-American cast is composed primarily of African-Americans. It's been "URBANIZED"! Y'know, because black people can't relate to a British comedy full of white people...they need to have it re-enacted by their own kind so that they can relate to it!

Is this not face-smashingly offensive? It's got all the why-does-this-need-to-exist pointlessness of so many Hollywood remakes (and much, much more) PLUS it's kinda pretty damn racist, just by its own existence. it just me?

Marvelous Musics for No Money!

Disney, in honor of its campaign to get the very talented Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Lost) an Oscar nomination for his Up score, is offering the complete soundtrack album for said best film of the year as a FREE download, TODAY ONLY. Simply enter the code "latimesdisney" right here.

In personal news, winter has attacked North Dakota with the start of December, after lying in wait and sneaking up on us, ninja-like, through an unseasonably warm November. I'm totally ready to not live here anymore. Also, I have a job interview with a restaurant today, which will hopefully mean I can finally crawl out from under the soul-crushing anvil of disrespect that is my video store job!

State of the Blog Address

I have, once again, left my blog neglected for far too long. The primary reason for this is school. Most of my classes, you see, are writing-based, and I have begun to slog through final papers like the theoretical thousand monkeys typing at a thousand typewriters of lore. Hurm...this simile is broken...

Anyway! My online presence is far from abandoned. Quite the opposite, in fact. Once Christmas break begins, I'll have far more time for recreational writing. I have several film projects on the horizon, including a commission to document a fashion show in April, a screen tribute to my hometown's community theater troupe, and a reality web-series about one of my friends and his fascinating existence, which is in the early stages of pre-production.

But that's not all! As a Christmas gift, my beloved radical_jojo has purchased for me a domain name,, so that my filmworks will have a permanent home on these here interwebs. She has also designed a business card for my freelance video work and offered to help me redesign this blog. She's the best.

As for the heretofore on-hiatus "Phrase of the Day" feature, it shall make a return as well! Stay tuned for these and more exciting developments in the weeks to come!

MMMM #30 - "What a Beautiful Throat!"

Halloween is nearly here, so I've got a special treat in store today.  It's the legendary Nosferatu, in all its glorious entirety.  It's in the public domain, so the whole damn thing is available as one big YouTube embed.  Enjoy...I command it!

TOMORROW: "Disney Presents: The Sacred and Profane"