banandroid (banandroid) wrote,

"We Have To Go Back!!"

I made this video, with lots of help from radical_jojo and Seth, for ABC's "Ultimate Lost Fan Promo Contest". The challenge was to make a commercial for May's series finale of "Lost", using either clips provided on the site, or material created yourself. Naturally, I conceived and shot mine from scratch, and appear to be among the minority in doing so (something which should help our chances significantly).

The creator of the winning entry gets their promo aired during one of the upcoming episodes of "Lost" AND gets flown out to LA to attend the series finale cast and crew party! THIS WOULD BE SO EXCITING, YOU GUYS.

Please rate us five stars, so that we might get the attention of the producers when they choose the top five finalists in the coming weeks!

Thank you all!
Tags: lost, video
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